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Gold Care Cinnamon Full Spectrum Tincture - Gold Care CBD
Gold Care Cinnamon Full Spectrum Tincture - Gold Care CBD
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700mg+ Cinnamon Gold Hemp Oil
1550 MG CBD full spectrum Cinnamon Oil- Gold Care CBD
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700mg+ Cinnamon Gold Hemp Oil

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Made in Colorado with Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Extracted Using Only Water, Heat, & Pressure Using The #1 Preferred Method In The Cannabis Industry!

- CBD, CBG, CBC, and Less than .03% THC

Here at Gold Care Premium Hemp Products, we don’t add items to our online CBD store unless we are using the Highest Quality Hemp oil. One of our most popular hemp products is our 700 mg+ and 1550 mg+ full spectrum cinnamon CBD tincture. It tastes great and it’s loaded with cannabinoids. To fully understand what makes this product so special, take a deep dive into How the Oil is Extracted.

Gold Care uses ONLY Water, Heat and Pressure to Extract our Hemp oil

The method we use ensures that no harsh chemicals will ever enter our oil as we extract the oil from the hemp. If you believe Natural is better, then this is the hemp oil for you. We take the hemp flower bud and squeeze the hemp flower at a certain temperature to pull as many hemp compounds, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBT, THC, THC8, as well as terpenes, good fats, and other nutrients. The result is a more natural and less processed Hemp Oil. 

"If you believe Natural is better, then this is the hemp oil for you.

 All-natural ingredients 

Our cinnamon CBD tincture uses non-GMO coconut oil as its base, which gives it a pleasant consistency and a balanced flavor. This oil is the vehicle into which we add CBD extracted from hemp. Finally, we finish the product with cinnamon oil, spearmint oil and other natural flavors, depending on which flavor you choose. 

Full-Spectrum CBD Vs. CBD Isolate

Many of the products you see on the market are made with CBD isolate. In other words, CBD has been isolated from the rest of the ingredients in cannabis. Other organic compounds like terpenes, other cannabinoids, and natural waxes from the plant material are all removed through a process called winterization. Separating the CBD in this way sounds appealing to some people. After all, people who are buying a CBD tincture are looking for CBD.

That all makes sense until you consider some of the potential benefits of choosing a full-spectrum CBD tincture instead. Full-spectrum CBD oils use more of a “whole-plant” approach to hemp. In other words, a good deal of the plant’s natural organic compounds (but not the plant material itself) are going to end up in your tincture. 

Our full-spectrum CBD oil also includes other cannabinoids like CBG and CBC, both of which are legal on a federal level in the United States. Since we’re using legal hemp to create our products, we stay well below the legal threshold of 0.3% for THC. Beyond these additional cannabinoids, our full-spectrum tincture includes fatty acids and flavorful terpenes. Terpenes are what give plants their unique flavors and aromas, and they may also contribute to something called the entourage effect.

Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is a theory that cannabinoids will behave differently depending on the entourage of terpenes they bring with them. In that way, they’re just like some people we know. Just as many people in the health and wellness community like to buy essential oils, many people prefer to have plenty of terpenes in their CBD products. As an added bonus, including the terpenes, helps preserve the natural essence of hemp and makes the taste more authentic.

Why Choose Cinnamon CBD Tincture

In addition to its high concentration of cannabinoids, our full-spectrum cinnamon CBD tincture tastes phenomenal. Cinnamon pairs so nicely with the natural taste of hemp, complementing the flavor while also making it less bitter and more palatable. It’s easy to see why this is one of our most popular CBD tinctures.

We hand-press our products in Greeley, Colorado, which means there are no dangerous solvents for you to worry about. Other concentrates may have trace amounts of propane or butane, but you won’t find those chemicals anywhere near our products. Purchase some today to find out why people like flavorful full-spectrum extracts with over 100 cannabinoids.

Ingredients: NON-GMO Coconut oil, cannabidiol, Cinnamon Oil, and Natural Flavors.

Full Spectrum is not available for International sale

Manufactured in Greeley, Colorado

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