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Gold Care CBD and American owned businesses

At Gold Care we show support for all American owned companies that make products right here in the U.S.A.

Gold Care products are grown and produced by the hands of hard working Americans who take pride in maintaining our high quality standards.

We have recently been listed on Mammoth Nation! If you haven’t heard, Mammoth Nation is America’s Conservative Discount Marketplace. They’re a membership-based online shopping platform with an emphasis on American owned businesses and products made in America. Members receive great discounts from a growing list of companies that share our values.

Check them out at

Support them and many other great American companies by joining Mammoth Nation today!
Save 30% on membership fees by using promo code GOLDCARE30.

They are offering Gold Care customers a 30% discount for membership.

Another great website connection specially supporting Veteran owned businesses is the  VIB Network Directory. Check them out at

You can also look us up on their network as well.


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