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1000mg Infused Pineapple Express Terpsolate


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Want an amazing chill-tasting experience? If you’re looking for a flavorful way to enjoy your hemp products, look...

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Want an amazing chill-tasting experience?

If you’re looking for a flavorful way to enjoy your hemp products, look to this Pineapple Express Terpsolate CBD dab wax. It consistently delivers high levels of CBD with 0% THC and a full spectrum of 100% natural terpenes. The authentic taste captures the essence of the hemp plant, and the concentrated nature of the wax makes for an amplified experience.

This Pineapple Express Terpsolate Dab is just what you are looking for. Get your relief with a pleasing taste with our hand press extracted using zero solvents leaving zero residues.

This flavorful Cannabidiol product has a combination of 99+% pure, solvent-free Cannabidiol isolate and strain-specific terpenes. Pineapple Express terpenes are aromatic and inviting, when combined with the Cannabidiol isolate, the treat is a distinct sweet Pineapple Express flavor.


How Is CBD Wax Made?

CBD wax can be made in a variety of different ways, which means the quality of different CBD concentrates can vary widely. Some companies use solvents like butane or propane to make their CBD concentrates, but the residues of those solvents aren’t fit for human consumption. Some producers even sell CBD wax that may contain questionable levels of THC.

Here at Gold Care CBD, we hold ourselves to higher standards as we produce our CBD concentrates in Greeley, Colorado:

  • We use heat instead of solvents to make our CBD wax. Also known as mechanical extractions, our processes allow us to make solventless CBD extracts that will not have any residue or harsh chemicals.
  • Relying on pressure and heat alone allows us to produce natural concentrates that preserve the essence of the specific hemp strain used. Cannabinoids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals are all extracted from the natural plant material.
  • We’re able to create CBD isolate that contains 0% THC while still preserving natural terpenes from the plant material.

Broad Spectrum CBD Wax Vs. CBD Isolate

The solvent-free CBD isolate in our Pineapple Express hemp wax comes along with strain-specific terpenes to create a more authentic experience. Since we’re taking more of a whole-plant approach, you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh, juicy flavor of real hemp terpenes. The distinctly sweet Pineapple Express flavor is an added benefit as you enjoy your CBD routine.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are natural organic compounds found in plants, including the hemp plant. They’re a lot like essential oils, which is why some people associate them with aromatherapy. Terpenes are responsible for giving different hemp strains their unique aroma and flavors. Some of our customers say the inclusion of terpenes makes for a more invigorating and enjoyable experience.

Want the Best? Buy CBD Wax Online at Gold Care CBD Today!

Gold Care CBD in Greeley is committed to providing a pure, natural, legal CBD experience. Our Pineapple Express Terpsolate CBD wax is produced in Greeley, Colorado, with legal hemp. When you check the ingredients, you’ll see that this CBD wax contains nothing but cannabidiol isolate and natural terpenes. Place your order today or visit our retail location in Greeley to find a natural yet refined CBD product.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD is one plant compound of over a hundred found in hemp. These plant compounds found in the hemp plant are called cannabinoids(CBD, CBG, CBD, THC, CBDA.ect..) These plant-based cannabinoids fit the body's receptors. They fit like a key and lock. Your body and CBD work together to fight bad guys in your body! 

Full Spectrum: Contains all the cannabinoids(hemp plant compounds) that the plant has to offer.  With the main ones: CBD, CBG, CBC, and Less Than .03% of THC

Broad Spectrum: Contains mainly CBD with a small amount of the other cannabinoids. 

CBD Isolate: Contains only CBD. Its CBD that has been isolated from the hemp plant. 

We lab test our products to ensure quality and safety.  All our organic ingredients and products are combined and packaged in a licensed facility by the Colorado Department of Public Health. 

As a wise note you should check with your physician or medical doctor. It is especially important for people who are; pregnant, nursing, chronically ill, elderly, under 18, taking prescription or over the counter medicines.

Controlled human studies have been conducted and found none, or any potential for physical dependence, withdrawal or tolerance. And due to the extremely low levels of THC, addiction is unlikely when used responsibly.

We Definitly are not Doctors and do not recommend dosing. 

That being said, with anything you try to ingest for the fist time, its a good idea to start with a little, and work your way up .

An example of a what our average customer ingests:

Morning - One full dropper

Mid Day- One full dropper

Before Bed - One full dropper

If you want to take more take more..

If you want to take less take less..

If you choose Gold Care you will be getting hemp products that work. Lots of times our customers tell us they have tried lots of different hemp products but do not compare! 

We take lots of careful steps to ensure you are getting a product that you will love and use.

If you buy our products we assure you its to Gold Care Standards.

We have discovered that the Oil extract components of the hemp flower should be used and extracted in a natural way so as not to damage any of the extract components.

Oils extracted by other means appear to end up removing some parts of the Oil components. When solevents are boiled off, they can pull some of the Oil component parts out depending on the process. Other high production processes may introduce harmful or other component removing elements at different times in the process which can also effect how hemp Oils work.

Oil extract of the seed is different than the Oil extract of the plant flower.

The more complete an oil extract is the more effective we believe it is. Gold Care CBD Oil extract is pulled out by hand with only low heat and pressure which takes much longer and costs a little more but, we believe that it is a much more effective Oil because we take the extra time to care about the natural qualities of our Oil.

Gold Care CBD users often tell us about their great experiances when they take the time to email us or write a review.

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