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1000mg Infused Fruit Punch Terpsolate Dab

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Want an amazing chill-tasting experience?

Then this Infused Fruit Punch Terpsolate Dab is what you are looking for. Get your relief with a pleasing taste too at Gold Care CBD. This flavorful Cannabidiol product is a combination of 99+% pure, solvent-free Cannabidiol isolate and strain-specific terpenes. Fruit Punch terpenes are aromatic and inviting, and when combined with the Cannabidiol isolate you are treated to a distinct sweet Fruit Punch flavor. Gold Care CBD's Premium Hemp Products are Hand press extracted using Zero solvents leaving Zero residues.

This Product Contains 0%THC

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate and Natural Terpenoids

Manufactured in Greeley, Colorado

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