Gold Care Team - Joshua Gutierrez and Nicole De La Fuente
February 3rd, 2021

The Year is 2021, and we have 21 ways to save you hundreds on your favorite CBD Oils.  

21 way to save money when buying CBD oil. Think about it, using CBD oil has become a daily routine for hundreds of thousands of people. Many will wake up and apply the natural product to their arms, legs, neck, or back. They are erasing their pain, giving people a new look at life. Also, it gives them hope, relief, energy, and wellness. The Year is 2021, and the future is now. People want more natural alternative ways to add wellness to their lives.  

You may even know someone else who may need to save some money on these life-changing products. Whatever your reason, here are 21 ways we can help you save hundreds. Read on. Number 21 is by far the best way to save.

  1. Affiliate Programs.

Why not save money and make some. How, you ask?  Refer A friend, family member, or even a coworker.  Many companies offer a good commission.  Referring a friend to a loyalty program can make and save you. One company offering the referral program is joyorganics.com/affiliate

  1. Free Shipping.

One of the easiest ways to save money while buying CBD is to take advantage of the free shipping that many stores offer. Another good company is the thecbdistillery.com , and when you spend $75 at their online store, they will provide you with free shipping.

  1. Buy Bulk.

Shop in Bulk and take advantage of bundling. Some online stores offer a discount for buying a set or multiple products at once. Charlotte Web offers a small bundling discount when you buy three packs of gummies vs. only buying one. 

  1. Read Reviews First.

Look for the CBD focused stores that have the best reviews near you. There is no better way to check the quality of a product than the reviews written by real customers! It will also save you time and money knowing you will buy something that has worked for other people, buying an unknown product and wasting money if it does not work.

  1. Sign up for a Newsletter.

Lots of CBD companies offer up to 30% off their products. So, signing up for their newsletter could pay off big. For example, you can automatically save 15% by subscribing to goldcarecbd.com Another company is  holmesorganics.com.  or try Nuleafnaturals.comwellness-club

  1. Quality over Quantity.

You could use 21 ways, and if you skip this one, you could be losing money. Spend your money on QUALITY products! If you are focused on saving money, you may not be checking the quality of your purchase. Some CBD stores buy their oil in Bulk or import it from china. Low quality can lead to poor results. Ask questions about what method is used to extract oil, if the CBD product is made in a clean manufacturing facility and if they have a license to prove it. Also another tip look at google reviews to help to decide on a quality product. 

  1. Free CBD Samples.

Many companies offer free CBD products, which is one of the best ways to save money. Free samples give you the option to try the CBD salve, tincture, freeze, Gummy Bears, Nighttime Gummy, Lotion, Capsules, Honey, and many other CBD forms before spending money on a product that does not work for you. A tip on to find the right product is to get a variety and choose which one works best. Maybe it is a CBD infused Salve that works better than the tincture. One CBD website that offers free samples is goldcarecbd.comfree-CBD-samples

  1. Try Groupon. 

Groupon.com is an E-commerce marketing platform that connects consumers like you to businesses. It offers many discounts and deals that you can purchase for below market value. Or try offers.com.

  1. CBD Products for under $15.

Maybe now you are on a budget and need CBD. Some online stores offer a more "affordable" list of products for those concerned about pricing. Specifically, greenroads.com/under-15 offers a whole tab of products for under 15 dollars.

  1. DIYCBD. 

DIYCBD meaning- do it yourself CBD. As these products grow in popularity, it is becoming common to make these products at your home! You can purchase isolate, distillate, or oil and infuse your favorite products and make your own health/wellness/beauty products. ministryofhemp.comhow-to-make-CBD-oil

  1. Use it Correctly.

They are too many ways not to use CBD correctly, and I would have to write another article to explain. No need to worry, I did some research and found this great article https://www.projectcbd.org/guidance/what-best-way-take-cbd-0  on how to use CBD. The link will explain exactly how to use CBD and not waste it, therefore, saving you hundreds.

  1. Buy on holidays.

Many CBD companies will have sales during holidays. Black Friday, Christmas, Valentin Day, Easter, Labor Day, are the times when you will see lots of discounts. Just a reminder, don't forget holidays and save.

  1. Check out your local newspapers.

City or State newspapers usually have a coupon section with many discounts and deals for many local mom and pop shops and big-box stores. Many local CBD stores will also put in great deals in the paper, whether it be a clip-out coupon or a "mention us coupon.


  1. Make sure you have access to lab results.

Any reputable CBD company will offer or provide the COA (certificate of analysis) to show the product's lab results. Lab reports will ensure you are getting what you pay for. Unfortanly some companies don't have the amount of CBD in their products that they claim to. So read lab reports to save a potential loss.



  1. Ask CBD Company if they have any sales.

Call or email your favorite company and ask if they have any deals or sales. By reaching out directly to a CBD company you can find out about offers first or offers you missed on their website. 

  1. Check out shop at home online.

Shop at home offers online coupons for several CBD Companies. It is an easy way to save on your favorite CBD products.shopathome.com/searchcbd

  1. You can always grow your own Hemp. 

Since the 2018 farm bill was passed, it became legal to grow hemp. Be sure to check with your local laws, you can start by calling the department of agriculture in the state you live, and they should be able to give you the information on how to grow hemp legally and offer your other helpful resources. Therefore, you can then just make your own DIY at home.

  1. Get Educated on CBD oil

Once you know more about CBD and how it works with your medical situation, then it will be easier to make the right choice when buying, therefore saving yourself money by not purchasing a CBD oil that does not work for you. There are many resources like magazines, articles online, and many videos that explain who it will and how it will work for others. One source I recommend is Projectcbd.org. Project CBD is a California-based nonprofit dedicated to providing patients, consumer, and clinicians with common sense information on how to use CBD and other components of the cannabis plant therapeutically. https://www.projectcbd.org/conditions-hub

  1. Get A Discount for Reviewing CBD Products Online

Most people do not know this trick, but it can be a lifesaver when you are working on a shoe-string budget. Most companies that sell CBD online, especially the new ones, offer discounts to customers who review their products. 

  1. Buy a Subscription to a CBD magazine

CBD magazines online are filled with coupons, reviews, ideas, and a ton of education. Subscribing is one of the best ways to save money and get educated on all aspects of the hemp plant. One CBD magazine I recommend is CBD health and wellness. CBD Health & Wellness is a magazine focusing exclusively on the sale, production, and research of CBD and other cannabinoids, right now; you can sign up for a free subscription on their website.cbdhealthandwellness.net/subscription

  1. Cancer.

We are all affected by cancer in one way or another. Donating is a way to save big time for someone in need. If you know anyone with cancer, call or email a CBD company and ask if they would be willing to donate to a cancer patient. There is a high chance they will contribute—to someone with cancer. Giving is the best way to save.


 The question, will you use any of these 21 ways to save money on CBD oil?