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More about Gold Care CBD

In the world of cannabis, it’s usually THC, the plant’s psychoactive agent, that gets the lion’s share of publicity and in turn fuels public perceptions about cannabis. However, it is another major cannabinoid, known as cannabidiol that is changing the landscape. Cannabidiol (CBD) does not have mind-altering effects like THC, but it’s been proposed that it carries a host of potential benefits.

One Colorado new business venture, named Gold Care LLC, has taken note of this and positioned itself as a one stop shop for all your top shelf CBD needs; as compared to the vast majority of dispensaries that lean more heavily on products with THC in their inventory. Gold Care is based in Greeley, Colorado, about 65 miles north of Denver.

“The power of the hemp plant is incredible,” said the store’s founder Joshua Gutierrez. “I really wanted to open a shop that was dedicated to the medicinal value of the hemp plant, focusing on high-CBD cannabis products to provide an alternative to pharmaceuticals for patients with minor disorders and life-threatening diseases.”

Since Gold Care LLC’s opening in early 2017, Matthew Aguiar and his staff have helped hundreds of medical consumers. The store’s Facebook page is littered with testimonials from satisfied Gold Care customers. One commenter claims that a friend began using CBD products to cope with stage IV cancer and was able to gain weight thanks to a CBD oil recommended by the staff at Gold Care. Others claim that CBD has helped them significantly reduce their anxiety and panic attacks.

Gold Care’s hemp product offering includes CBD drops and vape pens, coffee, topicals, lozenges and honey. The store also sells CBD-infused dog treats, joining in on a new trend that enables animal owners to provide a greater level of care to elderly or infected pets. “The CBD oil has been amazing for my aging dog. She gets around so much better,” one commenter posted on the Gold Care Facebook page.

The hemp plant has a notable history dating back thousands of years, and Matthew Aguiar has studied its place in society. “This is a plant that has been passed on in American industry since the beginning of the United States. In fact, the Declaration of Independence itself was drafted on hemp paper,” he stated.

During World War II, the United States government encouraged farmers to grow hemp. In 1942, the US Department of Agriculture produced the film Hemp for Victory in an effort to show farmers the history of the hemp plant, how it is cultivated and how it can be used to make cloth, rope and countless other products.