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Full spectrum hemp oils for you back and joint pain.

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 How Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Drops Stop Back Pain And Joint Pain?                                                  OCTOBER 05, 2021 – BY DR. HAMAD SHAFQAT



ull-spectrum Hemp oil extracted from the Cannabis plant alleviates chronic back and joint pain and provides relief to people suffering from chronic inflammation as well. The cannabis plant has been used for the past hundred years as a pain reliever. That’s why we have introduced full-spectrum hemp oil containing naturally extracted compounds like Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabichromene (CBC), and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). All these compounds miraculously soothe the muscles and joints, providing instant relief. back pain and cbd

What Is Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Full-spectrum Hemp oil comprises mostly cannabinoids, which are commonly found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties and help in soothing muscle tissues and alleviate body pains. The cannabinoids used in full-spectrum hemp oils are mainly CBD, CBC, and THC.


The Full-spectrum hemp oil is mostly rich in CBD and contains less than 1%of THC; that’s why it does not cause any psychotic effect. 


Full-spectrum hemp oils are found to be more effective than isolated or broad spectrums as they are composed of all the cannabinoids essential for the human body. According to recent studies, full-spectrum hemp oils are preferred more as cannabinoids work more effectively when used in a combination instead of in isolated forms; that is why they are referred to as producing an “entourage effect.” When the cannabinoids are used together, more potential benefits are provided. In full-spectrum hemp oil, the whole hemp plant is used [1]. 

How the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is extracted?

What sets our oil apart from the other hemp oils is the way it is extracted. Our proprietary method of extraction makes our oil most potent in the whole market. For extracting the oil, pure water is used as the only chemical. Firm pressure and temperature are applied, and the hemp flower is gently pressed, which results in a very potent and natural oil-rich with cannabinoids. 


Also, our full-spectrum hemp oil is rich in compounds synthesized by the plant (hemp plant), like cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, but the percentage of THC is very little as the other cannabinoids, i.e., 0.03%. This is why full-spectrum hemp oil is not likely to cause any psychotic effect, and the quantity is enough for the entourage effect to kick in. 


What Is the Entourage Effect?

A chemical reaction that occurs in the presence of cannabinoids at the same time, aggravating their effects simultaneously, is called the entourage effect. The word “entourage effect” was proposed by an Israeli scientist, Shimon Ben Shabat, in 1999. Shimon was the first to determine the endocannabinoid effects of these compounds. 

Cannabinoids Used in Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Drops:

Following are the cannabinoids compounds used in this oil;


1. Cannabidiol (CBD):

Among all the cannabinoids, CBD is the most popular, and it is used as a natural remedy for many ailments. Since it doesn’t contain marijuana, thus it is more appealing to those who want to relieve their pain without the intake of marijuana. Its non-psychoactive property makes it more special than the other as it does not cause any psychotic damage to the brain [2]. 


2. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC):

THC also does wonders when it comes to relieving pain. It is used to relieve central and neuropathic aches. THC is mostly recommended to patients who experience pain from fibromyalgia, cancer, and AIDs. It also has anti-inflammatory properties along with producing psychotic effects [3]. 


3. Cannabichromene (CBC):

CBC is also extracted from the Cannabis plant. CBC works a little differently than the others as it directly affects the CNS and PNS for alleviating pain and swelling. It is very useful in reducing back and joint pain. 


4. Cannabigerol (CBG):

CBG, one of the most popular and widely used cannabinoids. It is non-psychotic and is extracted from cannabigerol acid. The main benefits of having CBG in hemp oil are its ability to reduce pain and maintaining the sleep cycle. 


How Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Drops Treat Back Pain and Joint Pain?

The Endocannabinoid System: 

The human body comprises a specialized system of neurotransmitters involved in the regulation of sleep, immunity, hunger, and pain, called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Under normal conditions, our body produces these neurotransmitters that bind to their receptors in the CNS. Eventually, these neurotransmitters decrease in number with age, resulting in long-term memory loss, different kinds of body pain, blurred vision, insomnia, and joint problems [4]. 


How Hemp Oil Treats Pain?

There are so many disorders like fibromyalgia, AIDS, Lyme disease that have pain as a common symptom. In all these ailments, the patients are usually recommended full-spectrum hemp oil as cannabinoids have the ability to reduce pain. A recent study published by the Journal of Experimental Medicine demonstrated that these compounds can alleviate muscle and nerve pain, thus providing a soothing effect [5].


CBD alleviates the pain by affecting the activity of the neurotransmitters by itself binding with the receptors, thus reducing inflammation and pain. CBD works miraculously for patients suffering from osteoarthritis and boosts their immunity, and improves their sleep cycle.


Treatment of Arthritis Pain:

Arthritis is one of the most common disorders characterized by chronic joint pain and swelling. Consumption of hemp oil by arthritis patients can help reduce inflammation and alleviate joint pain. It is found to be very much effective for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid patients when other medications stop working. The hemp oil enriched with cannabinoids brings relief to the patient faster and enhances nutrition [6].


Apart from this, CBD-rich hemp oil also helps in alleviating the pain of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. It is also very effective for diabetic pain. 

How Much Hemp Oil You Should Take?

The accurate potency of hemp oil is important to get the best of its effects. Here are some tips for the intake of the full spectrum hemp oil:


  • Start slow and take your time. Take the lowest dosage of the oil, and track each step to know the progress.
  •  If the small dosage is not causing any effect, increase the quantity gradually. The compounds require a little time before they kick in.
  • A high dosage of CBD in full-spectrum hemp oil reduces pain more efficiently.
  • Acquire the delivery method that works best for you among the many available, for example, taking hemp oil drops.
  • Hemp oils are more effective in which the whole hemp plant is used. 

Gold Care Full Spectrum 700mg Cinnamon Tincture Hemp Oil:

Are you not getting curious about trying a high-quality full-spectrum hemp oil? Get your hands on our magical Gold Care Full Spectrum Cinnamon Tincture 700mg, enriched with naturally extracted cannabinoids like CBD, coconut oil, cinnamon oil, and some natural flavors for a pleasant flavor. It is solely extracted from the hemp plant and helps in soothing sore muscles, back pain, joint ache along the neck, knee shoulder pains. 


What Sets Gold Care Apart from Others?

For their cinnamon tincture gold care hemp oil, they only use water as an extracting material that maintains the natural component of the oil. The hemp oil contains a combination of natural cannabinoids like CBC, CBD, CBG, CBT, TH8, and THC. It is very important to consider the product combination before I can recommend such products to my patients. The effective choice of components and its delicate proportion makes Gold Care products one of the most trusted and reliable options for a clinical recommendation. The team at Gold Care goes above and beyond to ensure exquisite customer experience; to ensure that the essence of the oil is preserved, terpenes are used, which even makes the taste and flavor more glorified! 


I can easily recommend Gold Care products to people looking for a trustworthy hemp oil brand!

If you would like to try a free Bottle of Gold Care's Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture CLICK HERE











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